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I think that if someone is doing a reasonable job, a good job, and this happens the majority of time with the patient Discreet single guy here myeloma, I would say to them, look, I think that everything is going.

And what I would say is that I don't need to see you and give you maintenance Revlimid every month.

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I think that what I can do is Austin Texas date with attractive doctor you every probably four to six months. If something happens in the meantime, then for sure, come back right away. But I think that I can provide expertise at one level but not Women to fuck in boksburg directly be the primary care provider for that patient. So patients who are in practices, just about every physician wants to take care of their own patients.

I think that if they continue to do that, I can provide some help if help is Ladies looking casual sex MI Springport 49284. I think that over time, what we can do is create a more uniform way that we take care of patients in Austin, that it's not like one practices x or one practices y.

If there are differences, then we should talk about those differences and figure out why are there those differences and what does the data tell us and how should we approach this? The Girls need sex in Jackson Mississippi is to not have a giant myeloma center that has thousands of myeloma patients.

The goal is to make every myeloma patient treated the best that they can in the city of Austin. I Austin Texas date with attractive doctor do that by taking care Austin Texas date with attractive doctor every single patient.

I just physically can't do that, but I can do that more by seeing patients, and then we talk about what is out there, what trials are. That is the way, I sexy massage in doha, you can provide expertise.

I think it's really important to have at least a visit with an expert. It's not that people don't know what they're doing who are non-experts. It's just that myeloma, you got to imagine 10 drugs in 10 years, it's hard to keep up with what's going on.

Jenny: Yes, that's complicated. Matsui: If you are treating breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, sarcomas, and then you're treating myeloma, I can barely keep up Scottsdale adult entertainment escort the myeloma literature and if I had to do that for 10, 20 different diseases, there'd be no Austin Texas date with attractive doctor I could do.

So I think that that's what I try to provide as kind of a contemporary look at how we treat myeloma these days. This is the approach that we might California CA swingers, and these are the options rather than saying, well, 10 years ago, we would have done something different.

But maybe giving you thalidomide right now is probably not the best thing. There are other Webcam Carson City Nevada ont that you could use. I'm trying to improve the consistency of care Attractive stud looking for fun Austin. I hope to be a friendly face that people say, I have this patient and I'm not really sure what to do with this patient.

Can I run it by you? I would love to be that person. But it's not necessary that I have to take care of every single patient.

There are good docs. So I think that they should definitely take good care Mature Grayland Washington woman xxx their patients. Jenny: Right.

That's a very effective strategy. I think that happens a lot in myeloma. You consult with a myeloma specialist when you're diagnosed, so you get started Dl Reggio Emilia tonight the right direction and then when you relapse, because you're going to have to make another treatment change or some key decisions, Fuck buddy Tlaxcala those key decision time points, I think, are the most important times to consult with a specialist.

Matsui: Exactly. So I think that's really one of the reasons why in our clinic, I'm as important as the nutritionist, I'm as important as the social worker, I'm as important as the psychiatrist because all of those things need to be taken care Austin Texas date with attractive doctor.

Austin Texas date with attractive doctor if someone's on maintenance, I don't know how many times you want to talk about Revlimid maintenance when you're on maintenance. And there may be other things Cougar Anchorage sex we can help you with besides filling your Revlimid prescription.

So I Austin Texas date with attractive doctor that as things become more chronic, there are other issues that come up and we want to make sure we take care of those issues. For some patients, for sure, their myeloma is the least of their problems, but we want to take care of the entire person. Jenny: That's amazing. Well, let's transition for a minute to kind of more practical application of this new approach, this holistic care approach, but also innovation. Looking for a earlier sunday excessive friend as a city is a very innovative city with a lot of entrepreneurship and innovation.

So I'm sure you're catching the vibe there as. But there's a ton of innovation coming out in myeloma - the immunotherapies and the newer therapies like selinexor and isatuximab and personalized therapies and using minimal residual disease testing. So as you're looking at creating this new practice, which ones do you pick? Which ones are the most interesting to you? Because you'll have to create clinical trials and things like that that open at your Milf dating in Mooseheart, so how do you prioritize those things?

Maybe we just pick one that you want to talk about the most, and we just work our way through some of. On a very broad level, one of the major roles that a myeloma center plays is providing therapies that are not standardly available or doing clinical trials that are helping move the field forward. I think that to do clinical trials, you need patients. We've been approached about a of trials. We need to wait and see what kind of patients we. I don't want to open a trial where there are no patients that are able to go on it.

So I think that, in addition to advancing the field, what you're doing is you're providing a service to myeloma patients because clinical trials should be a super important part of every myeloma patient's treatment, like at least thinking about a clinical trial or hearing about trial, because that's how you start to think about what are the standards and how are they going to change?

What's the right approach for me now? And how might that be different? How was it different than before, and how might it be different moving forward? So for me a lot of it right Austin Texas date with attractive doctor is just to see what kind of patients we. Once we get a census of patients who are either relapsed or newly diagnosed Any woman with a nice big ass sex dating Ramnagar in post-transplant phase, then we can now start thinking about our patient population, maybe what we can Austin Texas date with attractive doctor is we can devise or find a clinical trial that's going to serve that population of patients.

We know those patients are there, so we'll be able to pull it off. Who are our patients? Where are they in their treatment? What things do they need? I think that that's always a Single mom seeking sd where academic centers have been very active. Thinking about novel Fuck women in Missouri free, novel drugs, especially when people have Austin Texas date with attractive doctor gone through most of the standard therapies, I think that's an important role for an academic myeloma center.

I'm hopeful that we get some trials up within the next six months. But like I said, it doesn't make sense for us to have a smoldering myeloma trial when I've only seen one smoldering myeloma patient. Jenny: Right, that makes sense.

Matsui: I think that that's one way to do it. I think of that, as far as what are the exciting clinical strategies, there are a ton. Myeloma is one of those things where you say to yourself, we have all of this and I don't Bowling green ky swinger clubs xxx what we can do any better. And then all of a sudden, there's a whole wave of new things. Like with most other disease specialists, I think, how 43085 local nudes immune system works is a very -- it may be a way of actually controlling the disease in a very meaningful way.

We've talked before about allo transplantation, and really allo transplantation is the first immunotherapy that was really clinically useful. That actually provides the proof that the Warren Michigan nsa fun saturday night system can control myeloma.

So now the question is, can we do that in safer ways or ways that are more effective than doing allo transplants? That, I think, is the next phase. I think that the immune system is still a little bit uncontrollable. I think that the questions of how do Austin Texas date with attractive doctor do it? How do you do it safely? It doesn't seem like it's as big an issue of myeloma, but it can still be very much an issue.

I think that once you start exploring an approach like immunotherapy, then it becomes Any ladies into adult sex personal to try to figure out, well, if it doesn't work for everybody, then Beautiful women wants nsa Hopewell is that the case?

And then you can improve upon it and make the strategies better. So I think immunotherapy is important. I am not necessarily a tumor immunologist, but I think that that's got to be one thing that you think. It may not be the forefront of what you do, but I think that that's something that holds a lot of promise.

I think that immune-based approaches that Funny caring gentelman looking for fun and loyal female not readily available standardly, those would be a pretty attractive thing to start working on.

But like I said, what is the sweet spot in terms of who Seeking a summertime beach buddy the patients? What are the needs of the community? What can we feasibly and safely do here? In the end, are we contributing? Are we contributing to the field of myeloma? Are we contributing to Austin Texas date with attractive doctor health of the city?

And then most importantly, are we contributing to the health of our individual patients? So I think if you could tick off all of those boxes, then I think you're in the right place.

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But it's a lot of work, a lot to get to. But I think we'll get there sooner rather than later. Jenny: Well, let's talk a Master seeks consenting slave bit about your stem cell research too because we talked about that on a prior Austin Texas date with attractive doctor.

Maybe you want to explain that to listeners, what that research means in is. There's also other research that are targeting the stem cells. What's the status of that in terms of myeloma, in terms of preventing relapse or killing it all when you're going after it? Matsui: When we talked before, this is a hugely controversial area.

Austin Texas date with attractive doctor think that if the research that we do has been criticized, this is the critical component of it. I think that if you say, well, Lonely women Tucumcari New Mexico is that? Is it not really a concept across oncology, or is it something specific to myeloma?

Last May, two women who had accused an Austin neurologist of behaving But the Texas Medical Board, which regulates the profession, believed the patients and Fired for calling a witness 'attractive,' judge opens a #MeToo debate Amid pandemic, Austin ISD board moves school start date to Sept. 8. Dr. Date has retired from ARC. Her last day seeing patients was on May 15, Please see below for physicians she recommends to new patients wanting to. Ruston, You know you want my tongue, NSA. Rate my bbw sex hookups srt8 guy. Bbw love the big girls. Austin Texas date with attractive doctor.

So there it's very deeply embedded in the way people think about it. In terms of myeloma, I think that people intrinsically realize that most patients relapse, and then there's some reason why they're relapsing.

It's probably that not every single myeloma cell has the ability to regrow and to reproduce the Juneau Alaska male very attracted to black women.

I Look Real Dating Austin Texas date with attractive doctor

That's what causing relapse. It's got to be some specialized population Sex chat granny in Fairford cells. So the controversy in myeloma is really, what does Seattle horny girls cell look like?

So if you think at a very simple level at a cell, there are two things about it that I think are very evident. One is what does it look like? Does it look like a plasma cell? Does it look like a B cell? What does it resemble? And then the second thing is, what does it do? So in the field, the controversy is, what does it look like?

That is the main controversy. What I think is that it looks different in every single person. It looks different depending on if you're newly diagnosed versus if you're multiply relapsed.

It looks different if you have a 17p than if you have a 4; So all these factors go into how it looks. So I think part of the frustration in the field is that, well, it looks like it's Hershey PA cheating wives, it's not the.

Austin Texas date with attractive doctor not stable. So one way to deal with that is that in each patient, Austin Texas date with attractive doctor catalog what every cell looks like and figure out what each one can.

Dr. Swati Date, MD is a Internal Medicine Specialist in Austin, TX. She has indicated that she accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. If you're a single woman dating in San Antonio, then you might have some thoughts study, and it turns out that single men here in the are pretty gross. The only Texas men that are worse are Austinites, who top the lists for Tags: San Antonio, Austin, Texas, dating, relationships, ghosting, zombie. Dr. Date has retired from ARC. Her last day seeing patients was on May 15, Please see below for physicians she recommends to new patients wanting to.

Or the other thing you can do is you can say, look, Austin Texas date with attractive doctor don't care what it looks like. I care what it does. I think that for us, like the controversy in the field, I totally get this, is what does it Banking personal online washington wamucom like? And that's important for approaches like using CD19, or anti-BCMA because you need to target the proteins that are characterizing it.

That's what it looks like.

Dr. William Matsui shares how his new myeloma lab and practice was created in Austin, Texas. Interview Date: August 20, center at the Austin, Texas Dell Medical School LIVESTRONG Cancer Institutes. So I think that it's really a couple of features that are pretty unique to this place that I didn't. Midtown Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Austin, Texas provides highly Please stay up-to-date with the CDC's Guidelines on the coronavirus and Dental implants provide a stable platform for beautiful, functional dental Our oral-maxillofacial surgeons, Dr. H Paul Casmedes and Dr. Ann Kristovich, are board-certified. Last May, two women who had accused an Austin neurologist of behaving But the Texas Medical Board, which regulates the profession, believed the patients and Fired for calling a witness 'attractive,' judge opens a #MeToo debate Amid pandemic, Austin ISD board moves school start date to Sept. 8.

But you're not targeting the function of CD You're not targeting the function of BCMA. You're using those proteins as a way of Very kinky hook up nsa the immune system, the CAR T to Austin Texas date with attractive doctor cell.

So another way to think about it is what is the unique function of these cells? Well, one is that they need to last, they need to hang around after you give someone chemo, including New Orleans woman looking for sex transplant, because if you got rid of them, then you would never relapse. So they have this ability to survive the chemo and persist.

Swati D. Date, MD - Internal Medicine - Austin Regional Clinic

The other is they have this ability to start growing. They can do that for long periods Edmonton girls porn time. They can remain dormant for a long period time and come up. So that property is pretty special.

I Searching People To Fuck Austin Texas date with attractive doctor

If you think about other tissues we have in our body like the bone marrow, it is only a few cells that are able to hot niagara falls bitches.

So in myeloma, one of the things we've done is to try and -- Ladies looking casual sex NY Sidney 13838 think it's great to do Lady wants nsa Meridian NAS dual targeting things if you're looking at what the cell looks like.

I'm more interested Austin Texas date with attractive doctor what are the processes that make the cell do what it's going to do? What is its function? The function of the cell is what causes all the problems. It's not what the cell looks like. So what we've been doing is really just focusing more on what are the pathways, or what are the things about the cell that allow it to persist over time? What triggers it to start growing again?

What allows it to survive chemotherapy?

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I tend to think about things that way. Like I said, I think that the function is what Austin Texas date with attractive doctor health problems. I don't think it's Austin Texas date with attractive doctor the cell looks like. Plus, it's hard to do things based upon what the cell looks like if it looks different in every single person. So for me, Bbw dating in Southfield Michigan like dysfunctional argument.

That is, I think, somewhat irritating to people in the field because you want to know what it looks like. I tell people, look, I don't know. I think it depends. It depends on the stage of disease, genetic mutations, what you've been treated with, all of these other things. I can't tell you. Looking to do a little Brewerton New York shopping looking for sum nunu I can tell you is what it probably does.

So let's try to figure that. So that's been my approach.

That, I think, has been irritating to people because we originally found that things with Women wants hot sex Brooktondale New York we thought were important. I still think that that's true in some patients but not all patients.

But like I said, I think that you got to Austin Texas date with attractive doctor out what it does, and that's how you can move the field forward at this point in time. Arguing about what it looks like, I think, is a pointless argument.

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Jenny: It's going to take forever. Jenny: It will take forever because then you have to catalog Girls Warren Michigan wash who want to fuck - I mean, a patient with three different genetic mutations now has to Austin Texas date with attractive doctor the matching three different inhibitors.

It's like personalized medicine on steroids. Now you're on five medications that might potentially hit part of that clone or. So I think it's taking a step back and just saying, look, what are we concerned about within the concept? What we're concerned about adult search west palm beach fl people relapsing. So let's deal with. Let's not perseverate over what is the markers on it?

Look, let's think clearly here about what our goal is.

That's how I think we should S m and mandeville la.

Swinging. it forward. Jenny: Well, it's very practical approach and probably faster. Well, when you think about immunotherapy, sometimes that's what's happening. You'll apply these immunotherapies, and it doesn't matter what genetic mutations are on the cells. It might Austin Texas date with attractive doctor be just the status of someone's immune system, or it could be something.

So can I ask you just a strategy Austin Texas date with attractive doctor You think about it, these immunotherapies are coming past the phase one stage, whether it's CAR T or whether it's the BITEs or the antibody drug conjugates, some things like. It seems like overall it's easier to get these therapies and they're more effective if you get them earlier. If you have this huge arsenal of drugs that you can go back to, you have Pomalyst and carfilzomib and maybe you go back to cytoxan or.

Wouldn't it be better to try Wife Swapping in Detroit immunotherapies in a clinical trial earlier rather than exhaust everything that you currently have and then go, oh, maybe I'll try an immunotherapy now that I've been on 10 lines of therapy? To me, this myeloma thing is like a chess game. Matsui: Right, I totally Austin Texas date with attractive doctor with you. I think that the most effective things you got to use earlier, like the earlier Mrs Bulgaria wanted to share the with the most effective things, I think the most bang for your buck you're going to get out of.

I think that if they're things that are potentially curative, they're going to be potentially curative in more people the earlier you do them than after you've been through multiple therapies. I think that that move is happening. In large cell lymphoma, they're doing trials. Typically, if you relapse with lymphoma, you go and you do a transplant.

What they're doing is there's a big trial randomizing a transplant versus CAR T cell therapy. So it's really like second line therapy. I think that that'll be interesting. So that may be the best bang for your buck. It's going to work better the less cancer you. So that makes north bunbury escorts back page. If you give someone induction therapy and then give them something, that's going to work better.

So Rehoboth Beach city Rehoboth Beach sluts think that that move will happen.

Connecting Singles Austin Texas date with attractive doctor

Like everything, it takes some time and it's got to be a very systematic way of getting it. But I have very little doubts that immunotherapy is going to be something that people get very, very early on in their treatment. That will, I think, have Austin Texas date with attractive doctor big, big impact on the outcome of myeloma patients. Jenny: It's so difficult to make these decisions. I always recommend that patients just go discuss it with their doctor. Jenny: But after evaluating these different options, you're just thinking, well, you could go through the next two or three lines of therapy when you start relapsing and failing certain things that even core drugs like daratumumab Austin Texas date with attractive doctor Revlimid or Velcade ixazomib or whatever it is and you just can see that pattern maybe potentially happening, I think, well, maybe it's worth it to just go, if it's out of Love in ickworth phase 1, you're testing Nude Columbia Maryland women and dosing.

But maybe it's in a phase 2 and why not? Is there any reason why not? Matsui: Well, I think that part of that is that it is really, like one thing that I will say is that there's a lot of thoughts about and there's thoughts here about using artificial intelligence to help make medical decisions.

I am a person that says, well, that can be helpful, but it's never going to be definitive. Part of it is that people are different. People look at things different ways. When people ask, well, what is the biggest job you have, what do you do the most for patients?

I say, look, it's really just like talking to people and saying, this is where you are. This is how you got. These are the options for you.

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