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The girl in red shirt and 44484 shorts

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Listen carefully.

Play the audio. Learners write any answers they are sure of.

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Play the audio a second time. Learners complete their answers, then check their answers in pairs. If necessary play the audio a third time. Check answers:1 Friday 2 brother 3 Zappy 4 orange 5 red socks Say: Now ask and answer questions about your favourite games.

In pairs, learners ask and answer three questions about games using the questions on the board.

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Audioscript Listen and look at the picture. There is one example. Girl: Is that Looking for an intelligent sophisticated person new game, Robert? Boy: Yes, but its quite di icult to play. Girl: But youre really good at computer games Boy: Not always! Shall I teach you how to play it? Girl: OK, yes!

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Whats it called? Boy: Silver Moon. Can you see the answer?

Now you listen and write. Girl: So, its a new game. Reds - Tops, Tees & Blouses / Clothing: Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

When did you get it? Boy: It was my birthday last Friday. My grandparents gave it to me when they came to see me that day. I really love it!

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Girl: Let me see Can you play it with another person? Boy: Yes. My brother and I played it a lot yesterday. We had lots of fun with it, but he always wants to win! Girl: Ha! So, whos that alien? Orlando Florida free sex dating one on the screen? Boy: Its called Zappy. You spell that Z-A-double P-Y. Theres a Adult wants sex tonight Raven Kentucky too where you can choose other aliens to add to the game.

Girl: Wow! Its face is a funny colour green. Is its body green, too? But its feet are orange.

Girl: OK. So what happens in the game?

Boy: The alien hops from one place to another and youve got to give it food because it gets tired. It collects socks from di erent places.

Girl: What do you mean? Boy: It loves socks. It takes them from washing lines in peoples gardens and puts them in its backpack. It likes socks that are any colour, but red ones are its favourite! Girl: Mmm I dont think I want to play it, Robert. Skateboarding is MUCH more exciting.

EE Find the answer to each question. Draw lines. Learners read question 1.

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Ask: How many more questions are there? In pairs, learners find the answers and draw lines.

Check answers:2 d 3 e 4 Fuck girls tonight Pagham 5 b 6 a Ask: Which answer didnt you need? FF Lets say! Round clouds and brown cows. Say: Look at the picture in A. Ask: Can you see something thats round? Provo married chat to group A and say: Listen to your sentence.

Wow, look at the round clouds!

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Can you say that? Learners in group A repeat the sentence. Turn to group B and say: Listen to your The girl in red shirt and 44484 shorts. And look at the brown cow, now!

Learners in group B repeat their sentence. Groups then take turns to repeat their sentences. Direct them so they repeat their sentences faster and faster! Note: you may also like to practise house, town and ground. Making rainbows!

Ask: Wheres the rainbow in the picture in A? Suggestions: red, yellow, pink, blue, orange, purple, green. Using either method or both methods below, tell Hustonville KY housewives personals these ways they can make rainbows.

I Am Searching Teen Sex The girl in red shirt and 44484 shorts

You might like to dictate the instructions then check. Make sure its clean. Put the CD on a table, silver side up, under a light or in front of a sunny window.

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Look at the CD and see the rainbow on it. Put the glass in front of a sunny window. Put a sheet of white paper on the floor. Wet the window with warm water.

Move the glass and the paper until you see a rainbow. Explain to learners they will only see a rainbow outside if the sun Lincolnton nc girl nude Swinging behind them and wet weather is in front of. In smaller classes, divide learners into groups of 34 and let learners The girl in red shirt and 44484 shorts their own Lutherstadt Wittenberg x massage. Give each learner or pair of learners a copy of the Rainbow Story on Learners choose how to complete their stories by writing one word on each line.

Ask 34 learners to read out parts or all of their stories. Optional extension:If possible, learners research rainbows on the internet to learn more about them and how they are formed.

They might also research how rain is formed. Learners glue their Rainbow Story onto a piece of larger paper or card and add to it: any rainbow photos they have found a rainbow picture they have drawn a rainbow fact file.

Learners add their completed Rainbow Story to their project file. Alternatively, display learners work on the classroom wall if possible.